May 11, 1435 - March 30, 1893 Chapter One: Antecedents and Infancy
Up To: September 16, 1905 Chapter Two: School Days
Up To: February 17, 1908 Chapter Three: The Dropout
Up To: November 20, 1908 Chapter Four: The Dilettante
Up To: May 24, 1913 Chapter Five: Vienna
Up To: August 4, 1914 Chapter Six: Munich
Up To: May 23, 1915 Chapter Seven: The Great War
Up To: November 11, 1918 Chapter Eight: The Great War 2
Up To: October 17, 1919 Chapter Nine: Spy
Up To: December 25, 1920 Chapter Ten: Beer Hall Agitator
Up To: December 1921 Chapter Eleven: Architect
Up To: December 1922 Chapter Twelve: "The Enemy Stands on the Right!"
Up To: November 7, 1923 Chapter Thirteen: Crises and Conspiracy
Up To: November 11, 1923 Chapter Fourteen: The Hitler Putsch
Up To: December 20, 1924 Chapter Fifteen: Show Trial, Soft Time
Up To: November 1928 Chapter Sixteen: Kampfzeit
Up To: December 24, 1930 Chapter Seventeen: Kampfzeit II
Up To: February 29, 1932 Chapter Eighteen: Kampfzeit III
Up To: August 30, 1932 Chapter Nineteen: Kampfzeit IV
Up To: January 30, 1933 Chapter Twenty: 'Seizure of Power' Twitter: @3rdReichStudies FB: Horrific 20th Century History Written by Walther Johann von Löpp Copyright © 2011-2015 All Rights Reserved Edited by Levi Bookin — Copy Editor European History and Jewish Studies
The Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dalí

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I often dreamed of Hitler as a woman. His flesh, which I had imagined whiter than white, ravished me... There was no reason for me to stop telling one and all that to me Hitler embodied the perfect image of the great masochist who would unleash a world war solely for the pleasure of losing and burying himself beneath the rubble of an empire; the gratuitous action par excellence that should indeed have warranted the admiration of the Surrealists. -Salvador Dalí. Below: Hitler Masterbating by Salvador Dali.)

Investigating the story of Adolf Hitler is similar to exploring a fractal; the further one travels into it, the more complex it becomes. One of the major difficulties in achieving an authentic level of understanding of Adolf Hitler and the phenomenon of his life is the abundance of spurious sources. The migraines of many a historian can be directly attributable to this reality.

The Hitler Myths abound: Hitler was Jewish with a Rothschild ancestor; Hitler had only one testicle; Hitler had two testicles, but one was bitten off by a goat; Hitler once lived in Liverpool, England; Hitler was insane; Hitler contracted syphilis from a French prostitute during WW1; Hitler took Golden Showers on alternate Thursdays; Hitler knew nothing about the Holocaust and would have disapproved had he known; Hitler's "real" name was Schicklgruber; Scientists have cloned Hitler's lip, and it's growing a mustache; Hitler never wanted war but was forced into it by an "International Jewish/Marxist/Capitalist Conspiracy"; Hitler was a homosexual; Hitler escaped his presumed death in the bunker and is at this very moment playing cards with Elvis and some mildly nervous Arab fellows; and so on. Most of us have heard at least a few of these, and possibly believed a few as well.

The ambiguous and sometimes contradictory evidence is ready-made for those who would tell the story with their own agenda: partisan politicians and so-called "Revisionist" historians being two of the most obvious examples. Objectivity, the ideal of the true historian, is harder to come by in the field of Hitler Studies than in nearly any other discipline that is not theologically based. In a field that touches on such charged issues and events as nationalism, racism, the Holocaust, the very nature of war and peace, and good and evil, emotions tend to cloud--or at least affect--the judgment of even the most disciplined scholar.

This writer, while striving diligently to present an objective picture, claims no special immunity from the human frailty of being moved emotionally by that which touches one in ways both conscious and otherwise. Although I am without an agenda, I nonetheless have an opinion, but one that is based on literally decades of research, plowing through what Ron Rosenbaum called a "terra incognita of ambiguity and incertitude where armies of scholars clash in evidentiary darkness over the spectral shadows of Hitler's past." Therefore, since a mere listing of only the pertinent facts would be pretty stale fare, I have taken the liberty to editorialize along the way. My hope is that the accumulated information from all available sources, presented in an in-depth timeline approach, will provide the reader with a sense of chronological clarity and be an aid to understanding this complex story.

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